90 min | Documentary  |  16 September 2013 (UK)

Writer: Ray Owen
Directors: George Kingsnorth, Ray Owen
Producers: Ray Owen, Brady Becks

Southern Pines has America’s oldest stand of virgin Longleaf Pines; the trees bear V-shaped scars made by former slaves for the turpentine industry. The film tells the story of how the people loved the woods but nearly killed them, and how they now fight to save them as well as save themselves. Turpentine was the oil of the age, and the devastation of the trees spread across the land. Ninety million acres of Longleaf Pines, one of the greatest forests on Earth, was all but lost by the early 1900s. The haunting beauty of the remaining trees inspired a group of artists to tell the story of their homeland, in a journey that would take them from the Sandhills of North Carolina to the shores of the Irish Sea.

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